Addicts racing at A1 Series – WCAD Tulbagh

This weekend sees the first race of the A1 South Africa Adventure Racing series – this one hosted by Western Cape Adventure Racing. The WCAD 24-hour adventure race taking place in Tulbagh valley begins at midnight tonight at the Vogelvlei Yacht Club.

Merrell Adventure Addicts will be among the 21 teams competing and as part of the team’s mentor programme, they will use the A1 series as a platform to develop those who show promise in the sport. We all know the interview for a successful adventure racer happens when the team is lost and hungry during a thunderstorm at 3am.

Team stalwarts Graham Bird and Grant Ross team up with Leo Sorensen and Jess Pollock for the tour around the Swartland.

Leo Sorensen, a 30-year-old adventure guide and fitness professional with Quest Africa is no stranger to Adventure Racing, having started in 2016. In the short space of time since, Leo has racked up four expedition races, including the 2018 AR World Championships in Reunion with Red Ants.

Jess, a 25-year-old medical student at UCT wrote this: “Sporting career…hmm so at school I focused mainly on tennis and hockey at a provincial level and always ran to keep fit. I carried on when I got to varsity but Cape Town being Cape Town and having so much to offer, I also wanted to try new things so got involved in paddling, rowing, cycling and trail running but just at a university level 🙂 Adventure racing, however, is one thing I’ve never tried 😅😬”.

Although spectators will not be able to cheer for athletes on the course, the public is encouraged to keep up with the race progress by tracking teams live on the website as well as following along on social media (WCAD on Facebook and @adventuresouthafrica on Instagram).


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