1-Screen Shot 2013-05-028Adventure Racing is the one of the wildest and most dramatic sports on the planet. Teams of four, pitting themselves against the elements, for days on end. Non Stop. “No second chances, no support and nowhere to go but the finish line”.

In 2011, Aussie Anthony Gordon from Nothin’ButShorts International conceived Wild Racers, representing an evolution of adventure television. Over the next two years, Anthony and his team ventured to the far reaches of the globe covering the most exceptional adventure athletes on the planet as they journeyed around the world competing in Expedition Adventure Races in the harshest environments on the planet. Captured in stunning high definition, the Wild Racers series allowed the world to watch as the toughest teams of athletes on the planet went against each other and everything that Mother Nature dished up. The Series has already received a global audience of over 5 million viewers and credit must go to Anthony and his team for getting this dramatic sport into the homes of millions of people.

The Merrell Adventure Addicts feature prominently in the Wild Racers Series, having been one of the focus teams as they journeyed around the world competing in Expedition Adventure Races. Expedition Africa 2012, hosted in the picturesque town of Port Alfred was one of the races immortalized by Wild Racers. Packaged as a four part series, Wild Racers Africa will be screened in South Africa. Parts one and two premier on Supersport 8 on Wednesday, 25 March at 21h00, with parts three and four airing on Wednesday, 2 April at 21h00. 

The Wild Racers series culminated at the 2013 World Adventure Racing Championships in Costa Rica. With 820km of non-stop racing, taking over seven days for the lead teams, the race was one of the toughest expedition races ever seen. Wild Racers captured the dramatic race in a 44min episode, with the Merrell Adventure Addicts again being one of the focus teams. Wild Racers Costa Rica premiers on Supersport 8 on Wednesday, 9 April at 21h00.

All episodes will have various repeats on Supersport over the coming weeks. See full schedule below. 

WildRacers Schedule - Supersport

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