News from ARWC 2013 – 11 Dec 2013

Sitting waiting for a closing ceremony which should have started 45 mins ago. Seems we on Spanish/Costa Rican time. It has now been almost two days since we finished. It all still seems a blur. We have spent today sorting gear and packing for trip home. And more food and rest.

As I sit it is hard to remember parts of the race course or individual checkpoints or parts. The enormity of what we have done is yet to sink in properly. I suppose when we finally get back to familiar surroundings and family and friends and get to spend some quiet time to reflect on our own it will dawn on us.

This race was massive. Seven days for the leaders. Seven and half days for us. That is along time. We slept 13hrs over five stops during the 180hrs. We did get another hour or so on the boats on the final paddle. The rest of the time was go go go. Either continually moving or doing a transition. That is hectic when you think about it. No wonder it is a blur. No time during the event to take it all in. To process it. To enjoy it. To understand it.

So as we now start the four day travel home tomorrow we will hopefully get time to reflect within ourselves and as a team. Come to terms with what we have achieved by completing the massive course. Understand what it means to each of us and what we take away from it.

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