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For the first time since discovering this wonderful sport, I sat on the sidelines as my team competed. I came here to help get the word out about this great sport and more importantly about this world-class event that Stephan and Heidi Muller and their team put on. It was a new challenge for me, and gave me an even better perspective on the sport of Adventure Racing and the people that do it.

The challenge?  To get through the 545km route that Stephan put on. For the top teams, to get through as fast as they could. For the mid teams, to build on their past experiences and push the limits further. For the novice teams to finish and get an understand and develop a love for Adventure Racing.

EA-AST-1020-7572Adventure Racing like no other sport sucks you in and becomes part of your core being. Your Soul. Every time I complete an adventure race, I learn more about my self and come out feeling fulfilled and recharged to cope with the modern lifestyles that consume our time. This aside, some of the most joyous moments for me as an Adventure Racer, is watching the Novice teams going on this voyage of discovery. There was a lot of suffering, a lot of pain, a lot of joy, a lot of happiness, a lot of tiredness and ultimately a lot of accomplishment over the course of the past week. Each person in the race went through these emotions. Many times each day.

Seeing the joy and fulfillment, as they crossed the finish line having traversed a world class 545km Expedition race and realized that they can achieve anything has been overwhelming.

So, even though I did not get to race this expedition, the experience of following the event and watching these athletes on the voyage, has been has been just as fulfilling. I leave here with my “batteries” recharged and my SOUL rejuvenated. Thank you all 124 of you that embarked on this expedition.

It has been an inspiration watching all these awesome athletes competing against one another and more importantly competing against themselves………..and winning!

Well done.

Graham “Tweeting” Bird



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