Fish River Canyon Ultra

image017Addict Hanno Smit took the long and windy road north to Namibia for this 90km non-stop self-supporting race along the infamous Fish River Canyon Hiking trail. Hanno won the event in a new record time of 10h11 shaving more than 30mins off the existing record. See words from Hanno:

““Born to run” or “Fly with the wind” or even “Run because I can” are common stock phrases used for describing epic runs or exceptional runners.

If I had to stock phrase the Fish River Ultra run, it would be: “Run with your soul”. Apart from the raw beauty of this Canyon and it’s isolation, it is the deafening silence and mystery that surrounds every crevice in this deep gorge, that captured me now and 30 years ago, when I first did this hike with my parents and close family.image009

This was my first ever real adventure and also my first real accomplishment in life and the memories then are still vivid in my memory. It was not only a trip into memory lane, but it was also a visit to this soul enrichening, mysterious moon landscape, which feeds one’s spirit to so many lengths.

Tagged as a 100km Ultra trail run, this run starts off with a 10k run along the Canyon rim in the dark and with first light you descend into the canyon. The run then follows the river in it’s snaking layout and harsh bedrock, sandy and washrock environment to the very end in Ais-Ais.

Beautiful and enrichening in every aspect, it was.”

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