The Merrell Adventure Addicts, South Africa’s top Adventure Racing team – consistently ranked amongst the Top 10 in the World – is a group of phenomenal athletes achieving superhuman feats.

As a mixed team of four, they race long distance non-stop expeditions on foot, mountain bike and kayaks, navigating their own way, unsupported for days, across some of the most remote and wild regions of the globe.

Since 2010 Merrell has recognised the team’s passion for exceptional outdoor challenges as akin to their own and are proud to provide them with support and quality apparel that suits their active lifestyle and endeavours.

Not only competing internationally, members of the Merrell team also highlight magnificent areas of our own country by taking part in, and excelling at numerous local endurance events.

Forever in touch, the team contributes to the skill and enjoyment of South African outdoor enthusiasts by organising training events and challenges for novices and experienced adventure racers.

Despite their successes, if not winning a race they are winning the hearts and respect of admirers around the world for their integrity, determination and displays of true sportsmanship. Last year the team garnered a massive following at the World Championships; predicted to finish in the top 3, they were dealt a succession of blows beyond their control which would have led to most other teams retiring but they persevered to the finish. Thousands of heartfelt comments arrived and found amongst the superlatives, always the common theme of respect, pride and inspiration.

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